Assure Legal is a specialist insurance law firm

We are committed to providing excellent insurance law services to our clients, throughout New Zealand.

Clients need good, down to earth advice about their options, what they should be asking for or who they should talk to next. To meet the needs of our clients, Assure Legal offers a range of fixed fee services.

Insurance law

Insurance is a complex and constantly evolving area of law. Policy wording are diverse and are often the most complicated legal documents the general public will have to deal with. With 2 decades experience in the insurance industry as a claims handler, broker, and lawyer, Chris can provide assistance for all types of insurance policy and all types of insurance problems.

Accident Compensation and medico legal issues

Dealing with ACC claims and medico legal matters requires a familiarity with; the law, ACC as an organisation, and the medical profession. Chris has handled hundreds of ACC cases over the years and can guide you on how to be deal with ACC issues. 

Domestic Tenancies

Tenancy issues can appear straightforward, but are often legally and factually complicated. Assure Legal can provide assistance with tenancy matters, including representation in Court, and advice on tribunal hearings. 

Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal

The  Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal Act 2019 has been signed into law. This is a great development, although probably about 5 years too late. The process set out in the practice note appears sensible and straightforward. In particular the procedure should result in fewer matters getting tied up in Engineer vs Engineer headbutting. Legal aid is available for CEIT matters, and if you need assistance or advice on bringing a case before the Tribunal, please contact Chris.  

Plain English advice

Legal documentation, like your insurance policy, can be full of terminology that reads like 'gobbledygook’ to most people.

Assure Legal is committed to using plain English so you can easily read and understand any advice you receive.