Assure Legal is a specialist insurance law and litigation firm

We are committed to providing excellent insurance law services to our clients, throughout New Zealand.

You need good, down to earth advice about your options, what you should be asking for and, who you should talk to next. With 20 years experience in the Insurance Industry Chris can put you and your claim on the right course.

Insurance law

Insurance is a complex and constantly evolving area of law. Policy wordings are diverse and are often the most complicated legal documents the general public will have to deal with. With 2 decades experience in the insurance industry as a claims handler, broker, and a proven 10 year long record of representing clients in disputes with their insurers, Chris can provide assistance for all types of insurance policy and all types of insurance problems.

Accident Compensation and medico legal issues

Dealing with ACC claims and medico legal matters requires a familiarity with; the law, ACC as an organisation, and the medical profession. Chris has handled hundreds of ACC cases over the years and can guide you on how to be deal with ACC issues. 

Domestic Tenancies

Tenancy issues can appear straightforward, but are often legally and factually complicated. Assure Legal can provide assistance with tenancy matters, including representation in Court, and advice on tribunal hearings. 

Employment Law

Employment disputes can be problematic for employers and employees. If you have trouble brewing, it is best to seek advice early, and if an employment relationship has already sour delay will make things worse. With a decade of experience advising and acting for both employers and employees in disputes in mediations, Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court, Chris can help.  

Privacy law

The growth of social media and the ease of electronic communications have a dark side. Privacy issues can arise with the slip of finger in the modern age. Chris has represented people whose privacy has been breached, and organisations who have been the subject of allegations that they have breached privacy. This includes assistance with the Privacy Commissioner process, In the Human Rights Review Tribunal, and in the High Court.

If you have concerns that your privacy has been breached, or you've been accused of breaching someone's privacy, contact Assure.   

Online Harassment

The online world can expose us to attention which is unhelpful or even harmful. The Harmful Digital Communications Act and Harassment Act offer solutions, but are at times the process is less than straightforward. Chris has acted for people in obtaining protection from the Courts in these circumstances.