Four years later - where are things at?

It's now over four years since the Lyttleton quake. With each year insurers and EQC have set targets, mostly these have been missed. There have been a number of judgments out of the Courts, some of which are useful to insureds, some less so. There are still over 200 unresolved cases on the EQ List. I have another 2 or three which are likely to be added in the next few months. It is of great concern that one insurer in particular, is massively over-represented in the number of cases it is defending, given its share of the market. Other insurers are doing a reasonable job, given the size and complexity of the issues. But in my view, all could improve, and the best way to do this would be for claims handlers to take the time to talk face to face to claimants, visit their homes, and simply listen to their concerns.

The reality remains for a number of clients that things are moving too slowly, if they're moving at all. EQC land settlements seem to have stalled, despite the promises made by Minister Brownlee. Of more concern is that the Minister does not believe that the EQC scheme needs significant changes, despite the contrary views of Insurers, claimants, academics, and EQC staff.

Another year has passed, and the rebuild is proceeding, a lot of people have been able to move on, but lets not forget that there are still thousands of homeowners who have not been able to, these people need our help, and our respect.