Consumer New Zealand has published the results of a survey showing that public trust and confidence in the insurance industry is low (1). The specific conclusions from the study are: Our latest survey research found:Consumer trust in the insurance industry was low.  Jus...
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Sharing the risk?

February 12, 2019
In light of news that insurers are now using "risk based pricing"* which means that "high risk areas" won't be offered certain classes of business I thought I'd offer some thoughts on the performance of the domestic insurance marke...
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The Reserve Bank and FMA have publicised their findings of poor practices within the life insurance industry; . The review raises issues around culture and practice in sales and claims. It's no secret that there have been concerns ...
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Lost in Translation

April 11, 2019
Note this article was originally published by Legalwise Zealand is a nation of immigrants, the 2013 census showed that one in four Kiwis were born overseas. If new migra...
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