About our services

Chris is a skilled advocate, with experience settling claims through:

  • Informal channels with insurers, employers, service providers and other organisations
  • Dispute resolution schemes
  • Alternative dispute resolution, working with some of New Zealand's best mediators
  • The Courts.

There is no 'one size fits all' for dispute resolution, and Chris will work with you to find the best solution to fit your needs.

Going to Court

Suing someone, or being sued, is a complicated, time consuming process. It is nothing like the American TV shows you've seen. Despite this going to court can often be the most useful tool in enforcing or protecting your rights. Like climbing a mountain, to have the best chance of achieving your goals, you need a guide who knows the terrain, and can help you choose the best route.  Assure Legal will help you achieve your goals.      

Call us first

The law is a complicated, because modern life is complicated. There are as many different areas of law as there are sections of the library. If you have a problem which is outside of the areas we practice in we can help you to make contact with the right people to help you.

Our Areas

Chris' main focus is insurance law, but he also has experience in other areas of the law; employment, Accident Compensation, professional complaints, medico legal, and other civil actions. If you have a dispute and need help to resolve it, he can set you in the right direction.