Here's what our clients say:

We were referred to Chris by another legal company, as a lawyer who had a excellent reputation in securing good outcomes for clients with regards to specialized and complex medical insurance claims.  Chris has an excellent legal mind, his strength is in his ability to translate legalise into plain English and take you through the complicated process required by insurers.  Chris identified benefits in my policy that I wasn’t aware that I was entitled to.  His customer focus, friendly manner, outstanding interpersonal skills and accessibility made him a pleasure to work with at a time that was very stressful and challenging for us as a family.  Chris has an extensive industry network and he achieved a fantastic result for us. We have no hesitation in recommending him to others.  Chris, thank you for everything you did for us.

Alan Auld and Amanda Mackenzie

We were three years into a dispute with our insurance company over our earthquake damaged house, and heading further down the rabbit hole after taking the advice of our lawyer at the time. A friend recommended we speak to Chris about it, and he gave us a balanced appraisal of the situation and the likely outcome if we continued, with an estimate of the cost and time involved. With Chris’ advice and his skilled negotiation we achieved a resolution of the claim far quicker than we would have otherwise, with much less cost and risk.

Chris Scott

We had a complicated and unresolved earthquake claim. After 6 years of working with other lawyers and advocates we were almost ready to give up. Then we found Chris.  From that point onward we felt that we were making progress. Chris has exceptional knowledge and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Chris was always available to give us reassurance and advice.  He was able to give us hope without being unrealistic.

Within in a relatively short time we finally reached a settlement which meant we could get on with our lives. We would not hesitate to recommend Assure Legal to anyone in need of expert legal help.

Terry and Sarah O'Leary

We like Chris's no-mucking-about attitude and frank approach. He is friendly, congenial and easy to talk to. He got to the bottom of our complex problem quickly and advised on a course of action that ultimately resolved everything to our satisfaction. His estimate on costs proved accurate, which was much appreciated. We have no hesitation in highly recommending his services.

Andy Grant & Christina Mitchell - Property Owners

We were introduced to Chris through a friends Solicitor and Chris was the critical factor in turning our 4 year old quake claims into a settlement. We found Chris to be most knowledgeable in insurance matters especially how individual insurers operated in claims settlement. It was easy to discuss the repair scope of works and the policy response without feeling stupid or uninformed as Chris really did his homework on the claim details and responses from insurers. His technical building/engineering knowledge was amazing and a big positive in understanding how to argue the points with insurers. The costs of all this experience and expertise was both reasonable and affordable. He ably demonstrated his skill in face to face negotiations with the insurer, due to a detailed strategy worked out between Chris and ourselves.

Mike and Jackie Jones - Christchurch Homeowners

Insurance claims can be complicated, but Chris was immensely practical and helpful with his professional advice, guiding us through all the necessary steps to a great result. His low key and friendly approach enabled us to present a very clear and accurate response to our insurance company and gave us confidence in the process!

Thanks Chris!

Chris Manning - Manning Signs